In speculative fiction, there seem to be two very commonly used levels of technology - the medieval fantasy level of technology that writes like a renaissance fair, and the vague, super-futuristic sci-fi level of technology where flying cars exist and everything’s a utopia (or dystopia). I don’t see much in between, and often, stories tend to be really vague about their world’s level of technology. It’s not necessary to info-dump detail about the technology, but it’s good information to have, especially as a backbone for your story. You don’t want to be writing in a void, or mention pieces of technology that wouldn’t make sense in your current setting. As with other worldbuilding aspects, your story will be better if you know what you’re talking about

So, what is technology? Technology, at its essence, is the phenomenon of humans using tools and resources to improve quality of life. Everything that could be considered “man-made” is technology, even something simple like the wheel. The wheel is just very old, basic technology. So when you think about technology for your world, think about what makes your society run.

Here are some areas of technology you should consider, in no particular order:

Energy Technology

Medical Technology

Food/Water Technology

Transportation Technology

Information Technology

Communications Technology

Recreation Technology

And here are some other, miscellaneous things about technology that you should also consider:

Safety Level of Technology

Access to Technology

Speed of Technological Development

History of Technology

This is just a starting point - there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to technology, and it’s a lot more complicated than it initially seems! I hope this helps, though, and best of luck!