Society Structure

One of my favorite things to do is create whole societies of people when I worldbuild. Every sentient species is going to be different, and even within the same species, society will differ in different parts of the world. There are many ways you can give your societies structure, and I hope to get you started in this post.

According to the Wikipedia definition, a “society” is the following:

A group of people related to each other through persistent relations, or a large social grouping sharing the same geographical or virtual territory, subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations.

A society is basically a “social organism,” and like an actual organism, it has structures that carry out functions. In this post, we’ll take a look at the “anatomy” of society, and how you can vary with this in your stories.

Here are some things to start you off, when you are thinking about the society you are creating:

Hopefully, these are enough questions to ruminate on to get you started. Now go off and create a society!