When you’re creating a new story world, it’s important to have a basic grasp of how science works so you can portray things realistically. The science and technology in science fiction and fantasy aren’t real, it’s true, but it makes your story a lot more believable if you base your world’s science on real science. Speaking as someone who works in the sciences myself, reading badly written science makes me cringe! So let’s figure out how to avoid that.

Here are some basics of science that are good to remember. When in doubt, ask someone who works in one of these fields, if you can!





Weather & Climate

This became a very long article, but I hope it's helpful! I obviously haven’t covered everything to do with science, but I tried to brainstorm the things that I thought would be relevant to a lot of common stories and genres people write. If you have any other science questions, feel free to ask our Tumblr. Best of luck!