Characters are people too, and obviously, people need to eat. Depending on what their culture is like, though, their eating habits and customs definitely vary, and it adds some more interesting detail to your story if you brainstorm what one of your particular society/culture’s food customs are like. They obviously aren’t the main focus, but these are the kind of details that can make a storyworld seem just a bit richer.

First of all, you’ll want to determine the average diet of the people who live in the particular place you’re brainstorming about. Here are some things to think about when you do this:

Those are some things to think about regarding the production of food and what your people eat, but here are some things to think about in regard to what your people do with their food, once they have it (basically, different food customs):

There are many more things you could consider when it comes to food, but hopefully this is a start. I think the only problem is that this post made me hungry. Oops. Anyway, good luck!