Flora & Fauna

Animals and plants aren’t usually the major part of the story, unless they pertain to your plot, but they are still an interesting and important aspect of worldbuilding! It’s especially fun to create entirely new species of your own, and if you’re making an entire new universe or world up, you might end up doing that. Hopefully these will be some helpful tips.

Adding the native animal and plant species can paint a more detailed picture of your world, and even if they are not involved with the main plot, it’s still a fun thing to think about. There are two directions you could go, when it comes to animals and plants. If your world is Earth-based, or if it actually takes place on a slightly modified Earth, your animal species will probably need to be either the same as or similar to actual Earth species. You could also go in the opposite direction and create an entirely separate world from Earth, and this world would have its own different menagerie of life.

If your world’s animal and plant population are Earth-based, here are some things to think about:

And if you’re going so far as to create your own species of plant and animal, as well as the ecosystem, here are some things to think about:

This is just a start, because there is a lot to consider when you’re brainstorming animals and plants, but if you just need the basics, hopefully this article will help you out!