Fame & Infamy

There are always people in a culture who stand out, and become famous (or infamous) for something they do. Brainstorming the famous and infamous people in your world can help flesh out your storyworld, and may give you new story ideas! After all, if someone is well-known for something, their story is likely to be very interesting.

Famous people can take many forms, and here are some different kinds of famous people to start you off:

There are probably more kinds of famous people than just on this list, but that’s a starting point, at least. It’s important to remember that people can be famous for good things, bad things, or both. I’ll bring up the example of Nixon again - He was famous for being President of the US, which could be considered a good thing, but he was also famous for Watergate, which was a giant scandal that caused him to resign.

You should also keep the opinions of the general populace of your world in mind. There were some people who obviously liked Nixon very much, even though he ended up extremely unpopular toward the end. Not everyone is going to like the famous person in question, but not everyone is going to hate them either. Some people might be neutral, as well. Here are some things to think about when considering the opinion of the general population:

Those are some questions to start you out, and hopefully you can flesh out any famous person you use in your story! These guys don’t have to be main characters, but they certainly can make your storyworld’s background more interesting, and give society some context. Showing how a famous person is viewed and what they are like reveals more about what the culture is like, and that can be an easy way to weave cultural details into your story. Have fun, and good luck!